Mutual Funds, Annuities and Structured Settlements: Understanding the Differences

In the financial world, it is important to be able to know the differences between various types of financial terms. Mutual funds, annuities and structured settlements are among some of the most confused, so here are the differences between the three.

Mutual Funds

This a way for which you are able to branch out for a minute amount of cash that could not have been otherwise possible. Small investors are the ones that typically invest in these funds. Whenever you purchase mutual funds, what you actually do is get stake rights in an investment organization. There are fund managers in these firms that invests the funds on your behalf. Besides investing, they purchase and sell also whenever they deem it to be profitable.

There are other investors also that have stake rights in the exact same firm. The reason as to why such investments are viable is because cash from a huge group of individuals is accumulated and then invested. Normally, the cash investors with all that accumulated funds invest the cash by buying different stocks and bonds. It suits a lot of investors since a mutual fund is a very simple investment that offers a sizable diversity. What is great regarding mutual funds is the fact that you just need to keep an eye on a solitary investment; instead of various multiple investments. You will get quarterly or annually net profits, or might even need to payout net losses during an awful year.


This is basically an agreement normally between a client and an insurance firm. It makes for an exceptional way to obtain payouts for a set period of time or an entire lifetime of a person. An annuity can be purchased by either paying in small installments or in one lump amount. The profit advantage of annuities can be maximized immediately or perhaps deferred up until you reach retirement and is an excellent way of receiving profits in long term. A lot of individuals do not know how to properly manage investments as well as taxes and hence they resort to employing insurance firms.

The insurance firms have trained employees with the apt skills needed when it comes to knowing how and when to make a smart investment. After a preset time, the sum you used in buying the annuity will be reimbursed by your insurance firm with the aid of standard payments. The payments can be on a monthly basis, quarterly basis or yearly basis, and what is good is that, you will continue to receive the payments for the rest of your life. The insurance firm collects annuities from various individuals in order to spend in gainful ventures. The payouts to the customers are paid through the amount that is made out of the profit.

Structured Settlements

This is sort of like an insurance or financial agreement that entails regular payments referred to as intermittent payments that a person accepts out of some type of injury claim or other payout compulsion. A structured settlement is an excellent option to lump sum payment. A lot of victims of accidental injury prefer getting these settlements as opposed to a lump sum amount since it makes for a suitable way of getting compensation for an extended duration of time or possibly even for an entire lifetime.